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Yupp we have a winner. Actually lots of them. So we might get started already right?

1st The new TCS theme will be… *drummroll*

Apparantly you like your Robp0rn extra big huh?

I was srsly bitting my nails off last night waiting for you to settle down on one. At some point the top 3 theme’s were seperated by only 1 vote! Thank god it was pretty clear at the end who wins…


2nd Do you remember my promise to do a giveaway if one of the fics I suggested got nom’d at the GLA? (yeah I knew you’d remember that) Since all 3 fics got nominated I am glad to announce, that we has a winner!

The prize for most promotive h00r…

goes to Melinda! (srsly guys. I didn’t even have to tweet myself. I just kept retweeting her)

She wins: The “sleep with me” soundbite and 5 posters of her choice! Congrats Mel!

3rd The gif challenge winner.

I posted loooots of gifs and asked you to post the vids they belonged to. Well Kymz had that one totes in the back. She wins a BBp0rn package consisting of 3 exclusive BBp0rns. She will get to swoon before anyone else!! Congrats babes!

Now that we got all this cleared up, off to another challenge!






Sorry I got a bit distracted. What did we want to do again? Oh yes another challenge, right…

A new blogtheme calls for a new header and blinkie right?

And of course  new blinkie means new slogan right?

Almost like when you change a piece of furniture. Then you need new curtains, a new carpet and whatever else… (and that was so off-topic and random)

Well I need your help with that again… *blushes*

My first... Nothing will ever replace its place in my heart...

Here are the options:


No Rules

No Regrets

No Return

TheColdShower – Lets get wet

Yes I might have stolen this one somewhere…


You think you can handle this?

Are you sure about that?

You don’t know what you’re in for…

TheColdShower – because you’ll need one

This one is quite Fifty-ish huh?


You want it

You need it

You get it

TheColdShower – You source for Robp0rn and Fiftyp0rn

Sometimes less is more…

Please feel free to add any suggestions and/or tell me if you’d combine it otherwise. I am pretty openminded about this ;)

Just keep in mind to keep it short, since there’ll be a TCS trailer!!! I only need someone to make it… any volunteers? *peeks at TCS vidding h00rs*


More than undecided,



Have you h00rs voted for the golden lemons yet? wtf are you waiting for? RUN!!!

Darkness is nominated for Best Cherry Pop AND Best Outdoor Sex or Fucking in Public

Bedroom Confessions is nominated for Best Cockblock

Dicko is nominated for Best Dirty Talking Lemon AND Best Use of Props

Voting Ends 8/30!