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In celebration of the most recent case of “OMG WHAT DO I POST ABOUT ON MONDAY?!” I bring you… JUSTIN BIEBER!

Since TCS is all trendy and shit, it was just a matter of time until I’d post something about Tina Beaver or his girlfriend. Or how me and the sis thought he was a girl when we heard him on radio but he’s beginning to sound like a dood now.

But before you go all WTF on me. I am totes not gonna do a fanpost about the Biebs. Just wanted to share some superfunny JB videos with ya’ll, because TCS is a funny place after all…

WARNING: You will most def laugh out loud and you might even pee your pants laughing. So please not to be watching this at work. You have been warned.

I always thought a post like this was less likely than me giving in to the Zef,

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